Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Shoot

I am finally writing a new blog post here! I haven't really been doing much photography so it is hard to find things to blog about, but i actually had a shoot last month! 

I was lucky enough to find Sara Hedgren, she is Swedish but lives in the US so it was lucky for us to be both in the same place in Sweden for a shoot. 

We chose a day to meet and it actually turned out with really strong and hot sun! The strong sun isn't so good for photos, so I had to keep finding shade for Sara to stand in otherwise she got too strong shadows on her face - not good.

We met up at a local rose garden to find so many beautiful, colourful flowers in full bloom! We just had to use them in the shots.

These are some of the first outfit we shot that day, in the next blog post I will share some more images :)

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