Monday, 27 May 2013

Latex Tribal Girl

Here are some pictures from a shoot I did a while ago now, but haven't blogged about it.

I was very excited for this shoot after finding out what goodies 
Ravina Rapture had in store for it.
This outfit is just one of many that we got through on the day.

I was a bit nervous for this shoot as well since I hadn't worked in a studio for a while.
I soon got back into the rhythm and I am very pleased with the outcome.
I used coloured gels on the lights to get the different coloured backgrounds and I think it makes the images stand out. There is very little post production on these.

Credits: Model: Ravina Rapture
Accessories: The Tribal Temptress

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Behind An Empty Skull

Here is the last update from my shoot with Jenevieve Van-Veda Alt model

I would say leaving the best for last but I seriously cannot decide what set I like better from this shoot.
Here is something, again, very different. 

The inspiration I used for editing these images were old images from Greek mythology of Minators, the skull Jenevieve brought and the colours of the door in the background really made me think of these.

And...just look at those boots *swoon*

As always check my page for more updates! 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Flapper Girl

Another update with more shots from High Elm Manor with Jenevieve Van-Veda Alt Model
I seriously can't get enough of her, she amazes me every time we shoot!

Again, we were going for a very vintage feel to the images which means a lot of post production work for me that I haven't done much of before really. 
But I do think it works! 

I personally like the mix of black and white and a bit of skin colour in this set.

For whoever wants to know about me, I have been living in Sweden for nearly a month now. It is very strange, I am struggling with the language. But it is so beautiful here!
I have even been in contact with some models, although travelling to some models out here is much further than the UK as it is a bigger place. But I think I should be arranging some stuff soon.

Other than that I have a convention I am going to this week so I might get some interesting photos there. There is a huge Steampunk theme to it this year for all your Steampunk fans :)
I will be dressing head to toe in my Steampunk gear!