Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Vintage Dolly

Last week I was lucky enough to be asked to do another shoot with the very talented Jenevieve Van-Veda. Not only that, she had arranged it to be shot at a Manor House! 

Since it was such an awesome location, I asked a fellow photographer Jasmine Lilly if she would kindly lend her lighting kit and come along to join in. 

This is just one of the amazing outfits that Jenevieve had put together.

Her other outfits include a stunning 1920s style flapper dress with extra long trail, and some epic boots with a Buffalo Skull... 

Keep an eye out on my page and blog for new posts, I have been very busy and am editing lots of new photos to show very soon. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Asylum: Broken Glass

Here is the last of the images from my abandoned asylum visit. 

I really liked this broken window with the branches creeping in through the shards.

There was broken glass and things all over the place, we really needed to be careful where we walked.

This last room was the one that gave Yuliya a hard time to stand in, she really found it uncomfortable. But she still managed to pose like a pro and look stunning.
This bathroom still had a metal winch for helping patients in and out of the bath.

Like I have mentioned I am doing a lot of shoots before I move from the UK, so there will be lots more interesting posts about them coming up :) 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Asylum: Latex

Another outfit from my trip to the abandoned asylum - Yuliya brought some lovely vintage style latex lingerie.
I was pleased as I love latex and haven't shot that much of it, yet.

I am really happy with the images from the room we did the latex in, the light just seemed so perfect and all the colours of the mold and broken brickwork stands out.

In the room with all the open doors we all felt quite creeped out. We wondered what all the little rooms were for and we came to the conclusion that they were patients rooms, i even found the name of a  patient still on the back of one of the doors...
Even though the sun was shining through the windows and it made it feel slightly warmer and the room was bright yellow, we still felt uncomfortable.

There will be one for post on this shoot with Yuliya's last outfit, and a room she found the most difficult to stay in...

Due to typical British weather one of my shoots from this week had been cancelled, but it has been rescheduled. I have quite a busy couple of weeks coming up, fitting in a few shoots before I move to Sweden on the 8th April.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Asylum Continued

After looking around so many buildings, we were both very happy that we managed to find these hallways. We had seen them on photos from when other people had visited here, and they look super creepy and were perfect for a shoot.

I am so pleased with these images, the colour is fantastic on the walls and the light coming through the broken windows really made it show up. Still now, I can't quite believe that I took these photos without any extra lighting or tweaking.

There is going to be probably one more post about this visit, and then I have some more shoots lined up. I have a special Easter Themed shoot that I am sure everyone will love.

Also for anyone who might want to know, I am moving to Sweden in about 4 weeks! Which is why I am doing as many shoots in the next few weeks that I can fit in.

Friday, 1 March 2013


When I went to the abandoned asylum a few weeks ago I went with a lovely model, Yuliya. 
After her helping me climb the fence she confessed this wasn't her first time going to abandoned buildings. 

One of her outfits was this black dress, she even made this epic headpiece to go with it.

This formal look suited this large empty room. It was quite breathtaking when we first found it.

More to come from this shoot! You can see some on my page.