Tuesday, 28 August 2012

English Summer Continued

Here is the rest of the classic British beach shoot.

Complete with good old grey clouds and overcast sun, just for the day we did the shoot!

I am very pleased with the colours of the water and sky in these images. Even though it was a grey day the sea had a lovely green tinge to it, and a polarizing filter brought the colours out deliciously.
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Thursday, 23 August 2012

English Summer at the Beach

I have finally done something productive for my photography side of my life.

The lovely Jacquelyn suggested a shoot at the beach since we have been having another short heatwave.
And short it was, the day came for our shoot and it was warm but the sun was nowhere to be seen.
Even with the grey cloudy sky I think the colours of the sea really popped nicely. (with a little help of a polarizing filter)

It was quite cold in the water. Even I had a little paddle too, haven't been in the sea for years.

The rest of the shoot to come soon!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Holiday Landscape Snaps

So I thought I would post something a bit different this time, these are some snaps from my holiday to Sweden. I was trying out my new Sigma 10-20mm lens. I really love it, but I do struggle to get it in focus when on a low depth of field, not sure if it's the lens/camera or me, I think I need new glasses.

This lake is the second largest lake in Sweden.

This was a stop off on one of our long road trips. Very random but interesting.

This is inside the restaurant! 

Another stop off, a Viking House in the middle of the forest.

A large church.

This cloud is coming down from a massive mountain, I said I wanted to see a mountain so we went to one only to see loads of cloud coming down off it!

This was I think it was called A Round house. A fort kind of thing.

Massive cathedral. 

These next ones are from Birka, "The Viking Island"

Just some snaps on an evening walk.

The sunset over the lake.