Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Purple Port

I am now on purple port as well as model mayhem.

my portfolio on there please feel free to add me!

Wedding Ideas

Gathering some ideas to try and create some unique and beautiful wedding photographs for my next wedding.

But sometimes you just have to capture that one moment that shows how the bride and groom feel about each other.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Steampunk Anyone?

I am looking for some people who have lots of steampunk attire to photograph. I love everything steampunk and have done for a couple of years now, and now that it has boomed there are so many clothes and accessories available. But unfortunately I cannot own everything, so am asking people to volunteer in their own full steampunk outfits for me!

This is me at Whitby Goth Weekend March 2011, my first steampunk outfit. With homemade bustle!

This was my outfit I put together to model for a class mate. Epic photo right?

This is my newest steampunk corset I had to photograph it in my new photoshoot.

Retro Festival

So two of my recent images were entered into a contest by the lovely ladies I photographed.

Charlotte is in 2nd place to become the new pin-up for the Retro Festival! Click my link to see the image and "like" if you have facebook Vote here

And the gorgeous Cherrie Mae has entered my image you can vote here
The retro festival's website here

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Retro Summer Seafront Shoot

Planning a retro shoot at the seafront for when the weather warms up. Lots of swing dresses, bright colours and candyfloss!

Asking some gorgeous models I have worked with before; Stephanie Jay, Cherrie Mae, Vintage Lady and Goldy Loxxx.
Home after a boring weekend at work, ready to write some more dissertation.

I am looking at Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton and Steven Meisel. At how images are controversial or provoking and how they are different at times throughout history. The three I have chosen are from three very different times throughout the last century.

These images are from Meisel called "The A Train"

Not particularly too provoking, but interesting nonetheless.

Saturday, 25 February 2012


Getting excited for my next wedding to photograph. Recently found the great website Style Me Pretty which has the most amazing wedding photography I have seen.

This is my brothers wedding cake that I photographed a couple of years ago. Pretty, right?

Hello everyone!

So, I thought I would have a go at a blog. A good way of networking I have been told. I like the thought of keeping all my favourite websites and images in one place for my own sake.

Thus here is the start of my blog! I am currently finishing a photography degree, I love doing all types of portraiture, especially themed photoshoots. I am doing retro pin-up for my final project that will be exhibited twice this year! You can find my photography page on facebook on my profile if you want to have a look at my stuff. or click here to facebook